The spread of fire by radiant heating is a widely recognised problem. The software TRad provides a flexible and versatile tool to calculate the radiation distribution received on exposed walls (receivers) due to thermal radiation from any number of unprotected areas (radiators).

It includes the effect of any barriers standing between the radiators and receivers, the affects of curved surfaces (both emitters and receivers). The software has been developed not only to provide the user with numerical information but to translate the outputs into a graphic form to ensure that the results can be easily interpreted by modeller, client and authority having jurisdiction with ease.

The impact on the structures being analysed can be easily understood and any changes to the geometries can be re-modelled to ensure that the changes made to the geometries have had the impact expected.

TRAD and Cafe are have been reviewed by Dr George Boustras, BEng(Hons), MSc, PhD, CSci, MIChemE, MIFireE, Director of the Center for Risk and Safety in the Environment (CERISE).