H+H Fire constantly strive to provide our clients with the best service available in the industry. As part of this philosophy we have always worked to develop standard tools for use within the company and as part of that drive we have developed TRad, radiation modelling software and CAFE, Computer Aided Fire Engineering Tools.

We recognize the benefits of having these tools validated by someone other than ourselves and both of these tools have undergone technical review by Dr. George Boustras, BEng(Hons), MSc, PhD, CSci, MIChemE, MIFireE, Director of the Centre for Risk and Safety in the Environment (CERISE). We want our users to be confident that the models do what you expect and that the models can be used in a professional environment.

H+H Fire are sole suppliers of the software, TRad, fire spread by radiation software and CAFE, Computer Aided Fire Engineering Software and the links below will take you to the pages for each piece of software.

We offer both TRad and CAFE on a commercial basis for use by professional engineers and also an academic license. With the commercial users there are two levels of license, the basic license which allows the company to use the software alone; and the full license which allows the user to have their own company logo embedded in the outputs of the software.

We are also happy to provide CAFE to regulatory authorities for their non-commercial use free upon application.

For full details of the licensing conditions please see the product specific pages linked below.

For full details and to purchase the software please click on the following links : TRad and for CAFE