Our Services

At H+H Fire we provide fire engineering and related services for projects from the initial concept through to occupation for regulatory, business continuity and property protection purposes. We aim to provide a comprehensive fire engineering service for all of our client's needs.

Our raison d'être is to ensure that the risks associated with a client’s projects in relation to fire engineering are understood at an early stage, allowing the client's team to manage those risks

At concept stage an initial design review can highlight potential issues with the building which if not adequately dealt with at this stage, could give rise to amendments to a consented scheme, leading to costly design changes and delays, and in some case the viability of a project can be compromised. H+H Fire provide advice to ensure that once approved the building can be constructed and occupied.

During detail and design development stages, whether new build or a refurbishment, we provide advice and support to ensure that the building design and all the fire safety systems are co-ordinated to ensure that the project receives the necessary statutory approvals in a cost effective and timely manner. During the design phases of the building we bring together all the expertise necessary to ensure the effective management of the fire safety issues.

In the construction phase, we provide construction site fire safety advice both for means of escape and for the protection of surrounding risks. The protection of surrounding risks has become of particular importance in recent years particularly in relation to potential fire spread in buildings using timber frame construction. Our bespoke software, TRad can be of particular use in this context.

When a building is occupied we provide expert advice and support to the Responsible Person carrying out fire risk assessments on their behalf.  

We can provide expert support post fire should you be unfortunate enough to have a fire.

If you should be threatened with enforcement action by your local fire authority then we can provide expert support and access to legal advice second to none.

As part of our range of services we have access to a range of experts dealing with the design and commissioning of fire safety systems which we use to give our clients cost effective solutions at all times.

We also provide a fire safety system review and report service where there is any doubt as to the status of a particular fire safety system. This service is of particular value to clients during pre-occupation due diligence exercises and in cases where there is a contractual dispute over what was commissioned and what has been installed.