Bloodhound SSC

16 June 2015

H+H Fire are pleased to support the Bloodhound SSC project in their quest to break the land speed record. The endeavours of the team to develop the vehicle and the dream they are chasing provides inspiration for many budding engineers. We will be watching the teams progress with great interest. Our company motto is ‘You Provide the Problem, We provide the solution’ and in the case of Bloodhound SSC we would be very pleased to provide a little of the substance needed to find the right solution as one of the Composite Sponsors.

H+H Fire were established to provide our clients with a professional service to satisfy all their fire safety needs, from concept of a project through to completion. We strive to provide a service that satisfies the clients regulatory, economic and aesthetic need for their projects. As a specialist Fire Engineering company we will be happy to provide any support we can to the Bloodhound SSC team and look forward to supporting them until they achieve their goals.