Café - Computer Aided Fire Engineering

Café is a suite of fire engineering tools developed to assist designers to obtain a quick estimation of required fire safety measures. The software is based on the formula on design guidance of British Standards, Eurocodes and other design guides.  The users should have good knowledge of the relevant design guidance and good understanding of their limitations before using Café.

The tools included in Café comprise the following:

Sprinkler/Thermal Detector Response - Estimate time to activation of the first heat detector or sprinkler head based on the rate of fire growth and detector/sprinkler locations and the characteristics of the device.

Boundary Distance - Calculate the required minimum separation from boundaries based on sizes of enclosing rectangle and percentage of unprotected areas.  It emulates the deign tables in BR187 without the need of interpolation.

Configuration Factor - Calculate the configuration factor for received radiation based on size of radiator and relative location of receiver (PD7974:Part 3)

Compartment Fire - This calculation procedure is based on BS EN 1990:Part 1.2 and is used to assess the fire severity developed in a compartment.  The tool takes account of the type of occupancy, building materials and available ventilation.  Three methods are used:

  • Maximum steady state compartment temperature
  • Time equivalence
  • Parametric fire curve

Pressurization – This tool calculates the required air flow based on design pressurization or pressure developed due to an air flow into a series of rooms which have leakages and/or outlets.


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